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Afrikadag 13 april 2019


De bijdrage van de Stichting Zelfbeschikking West-Sahara aan de Afrikadag van de Foundation Max van der Stoel is een discussie in het Engels over het thema:
Western Sahara and international law: a troublesome triangle. How Morocco corrupts Europe.

13 april 2019 from 16:00 till 17:15 hour

Chej Ramdan (Polisario representative Netherlands); Harry van Bommel (Former Member of Parliament); Jan Keulen (The Rights Forum); Kati Piri (invited - PvdA International Secretary, Europarliamentarian)

Facilitator: Sjors Beenker

Our focus will be on justice in relation to occupied Western Sahara. How come the EU Parliament votes in favor of a unjust proposal, unjust according to the Geneva Convention and European Courts?! This session will start with some footage of the struggle in the last African colony, a high representative of Polisario, former member of parliament Harry van Bommel and former Polisario Komitee member Jan Keulen to comment on recent developments. Also invited is Kati Piri high profile member of the Europarliament. We will finish with a round of Questions + Answers.

Tickets: www.afrikadag.nl/english/tickets

The session is in the third round in leslokaal 3 from 16.00 till 17.15 hour


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